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Learn about DashOne, the essential loyalty rewards system of web3. 🙌


Welcome to ONE, the next step in loyalty ecosystems. With ONE, you can effortlessly enhance user satisfaction, boost market visibility, and ramp up engagement. Our user-friendly utility dashboard offers essential features and flexible modules, enabling you to create a unique loyalty center for your community. ONE simplifies managing everything in one place, ensuring seamless user adoption.

Key Features

  • Integrated loyalty rewards for platforms like Twitter and Discord.

  • A dynamic leaderboard, insightful analytics, and API access for advanced customizations.

  • Optional add-ons, including an Auction House, Raffle System, and DAO Voting Station, for added versatility.

ONE is the evolved version of our JVL Suite, designed to consolidate project utilities, offer greater customization, improve customer experience, and streamline operations. If you need specific utilities without the full dashboard, we're here to help.

Our focus is on simplicity and efficiency. DashOne rewards activities across blockchain, Twitter, Discord, and more, using tokens or points. Users can even redeem their earnings through your Marketplace, Auction House, or Raffle System.

Note: You can even add your own utilities to DashOne, making navigation effortless.


  • Our API lets you build layer two solutions using holder engagement data.

  • Track user interactions, community followings, and engagement rankings.

  • Leverage the API for innovative solutions like a royalty rewards platform or community-specific badges.

Modules & Customization

  • DashOne includes Flex2Earn, Follow2Earn, Mojito Engage2Earn, and a Marketplace.

  • Purchase additional modules anytime to enhance the loyalty experience.

  • Tailor your dashboard with your brand's colors, fonts, banners, and logos.

  • Add your own utilities through iFrames, including staking platforms or games.

Support At Every Step

  • JuiceVendor offers comprehensive 24/7 customer support, ensuring a smooth experience for you and your users.

DashOne is more than a product; it's a solution designed to revolutionize the way you engage and reward your community. Join us in shaping a more connected and rewarding digital world.

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