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Mojito's Engagement Battles feature introduces a dynamic and interactive way for server owners to boost community activity on their Discord servers. With this feature, you can let server members can compete to see who can be the most regularly active and keep returning to your server to foster a more engaged and vibrant community. The feature offers two modes of engagement battles: Team Battle and Battle Royale.



The Battle mode allows server owners to divide members into four teams to see who can earn the most points during that time frame.

Key Features:

  1. Team Formation: Random selection of four teams within the server. The creator can customize team names.

  2. Activity-Based Scoring: Teams compete to earn points based on server activity within a set time period.

  3. Inactivity Penalty: Members who do not participate in the server for 24 hours are considered "eliminated," unable to contribute further.

  4. Customization: The creator can set various parameters such as battle name, team images, start time, and battle duration.

  5. Rewards: Option to set a maximum number of winners for distributing rewards.

  6. Role Exclusion: Ability to exclude certain roles from participating in the battle.


  • /battle [name] [team names] [image] [start time] [duration] [max winners] [exclude roles]

Battle Royale


The Battle Royale offers competitions with a free-for-all setup and play survival of the fittest!

Key Features:

  1. Free-for-All Format: Individual competition where everyone competes against each other.

  2. Elimination Periods: Set intervals where inactive participants are automatically eliminated from the competition.

  3. Customization Options: Similar to the Battle mode, with the ability to set images, exclude roles, and determine the maximum number of winners.

  4. Dynamic Engagement: Encourages continuous activity within the server to avoid elimination.


  • Shorter Time Frame: Typically, the duration of Battle Royale is shorter than the standard Battle mode.

  • /battle-royale [image] [exclude roles] [max winners] [elimination period]


Mojito's Engagement Battles feature is a powerful tool for server owners looking to elevate community interaction and participation. Play around with the Battle and Battle Royale modes to increase server activity before big releases, such as minting or roadmap milestones!

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