Your multifaceted loyalty leaderboard page includes both a throne of the top users along with badges and achievements to creatively reward the community for hitting milestones!

Note: The difference between badges and achievements are that badges are harder to get and show on the front of the user's profile, while achievements can be common and are only seen by the user.


Badges give a profile bragging rights by adding a flare to their page showing proof that they participated in an event or completed a task. Users will even be able to customize their profile to choose which of their badges they want to flex, adding an extra dimension to the level of competition between users to be the most active.

Others can even see how you got that certain badge by hovering over it on your profile. This displays what the badge was given for, when it was awarded, and what percentage of other users have gotten that same badge.


Achievements denote other accomplishments, that can automatically be rewarded with experience points or a token of your choice upon completion. You can create as many achievements as you'd like to, giving you the potential to create a fully gamified web3 ecosystem!

Power of the API

With the JuiceVendor API, you're able to create your own badges and achievements that can be automatically rewarded, even if the action taken is outside the JuiceVendor ecosystem! For example, one project is even creating badges to be awarded when users try out their Telegram Bot, while another gives achievements for staking for a set period of time on their custodial system.

Custom Badges/Achievements

If you are not using the API, you can still create badges and achievements that are monitored and rewarded manually for any task. This is similar to a quest based system, where after completing the requirements a user is required to screenshot proof and submit it to you through DashOne

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