🏷️Auction House

Development Priority: Very High


Through the auction house, the team can list any item that they'd like - NFTs, merchandise, WL spots, beta spot passes, or whatever else that they can think of. Then, holders can bid on these items with points or tokens native to your community, adding another dimension to your project's engagement and rewards potential.

There is no limit to the number of auctions you can create.

Tip: When creating an auction, you can line up as many auctions as you'd like with their start and end dates to get all setup out of the way at the same time.

Reward Distribution

At the end of the auction, you can have the reward automatically distributed to the winner, or do it manually. If you choose to have the NFT or tokens sent automatically, you must place the NFT into a wallet that will be given to you and identify the item when creating the auction.

Tip: The automated rewards distribution take place right away after the contest is won!


When creating the auction, you can set:

  • Name of auction/item

  • Item description

  • Start and end time/date

  • Starting bid price

  • Currency of the bidding (points or tokens)

  • Bid Battle to extend the time of the auction when a bid is made slightly before the auction ends

  • Reward Type (NFTs, tokens, etc.)

  • Reward distribution method (manual or automatic)

  • Required # of NFTs to participate

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