🛡️Security & Privacy

No part of DashOne or JuiceVendor Labs' systems ever requires more than read-only permissions over an account. Even if we got hacked, no holder assets or their accounts can be touched.


DashOne relies fully on read-only permissions (for wallet and Twitter) and publicly available data. The system is not custodial, JVL has no control over holder assets or any of your existing contracts/wallets.

The only thing that the system needs on the Twitter side is to verify that the holder is the owner of that Twitter account. No other permissions are needed.

Data Privacy

JuiceVendor collects depersonalized data for the usage of each project. No data collected can be tied to any individual, and is available only to that specific project. These statistics are for founders' eyes only to help reinforce educated decisions, but cannot be used to target anyone specifically.

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