The JuiceVendor Labs team is fully doxed and based in the United States, though the team is scattered around the world. We have a team of 14, 7 of which are the developers and the rest focus on BD and sales. To stay at the forefront of innovation, we've established 2 development "hubs" in Poland and India where the development magic takes place.

Our core team (CEO, COO, CTO) have been working together to design web3 software for over 3 years now, and were previously the first to create truly customizable metaverse avatars on Solana. These would let you merge ape body and ape accessory NFTs together to design exactly how you want to appear in any metaverse game, similar to a Ready Player One persona. Unlike any other system, each sword, hat, or other item can be individually sold or traded for another piece, giving complete flexibility.


Soorya Parameswaran - Cofounder and CEO

Mark Eglseder - Cofounder and CFO

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