👤JVL Profiles

One simple login for the all tools.

One of the most pervasive issues across web3 is the absurd number of times that you need to log in to an application each day, or prove ownership of your wallet. This is more than just annoying - it limits user adoption of builder tools!

JuiceVendor Labs has solved this problem with JVL Profiles, which let a user connect with their wallet, Twitter, and Discord account to sign in to any supported application. Once connected, points can be rewarded universally to a profile, regardless of where they completed an action that benefits your business.

Hint: Through JVL profiles, you're able to connect multiple wallets per blockchain. Adoption has never been easier.

At first login, the user is given the option to proceed with their X account, Discord account, or simply an email.

After signing in, the user can connect as many wallets as they'd like, on nearly any blockchain.

JVL Profiles also feature full ledger support. To learn more about that process, see the video below!

Once connected, the user will be automatically signed in on the dashboard and can use any part of the system through the same account!

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