Also known as Ape Follow Ape.


Our Follow2Earn system (Ape Follow Ape) helps you amplify the effect of holder retweets and increase global X reach! This system displays a list of every user representing the project with their PFP with a "Follow" button next to each name. Unlike any other system, you're even able to reward points or tokens for each time a holder follows another member of the community to create a more tight-knit social circle in the eyes of the Twitter algorithm.

Tip: Ape Follow Ape only displays the users already utilizing Champagne, adding an additional incentive to represent your collection as a PFP. Represent the project, get passive followers!

Note: The system also has significant abuse prevention measures in place so that users cannot earn duplicate rewards. One of the things that this protects from is users following the same person more than once (unfollowing and refollowing), which will not give any additional points.

The Effect

Have you ever heard of "Ape Follow Ape"? It's a mentality first seen through BAYC where holders within the same community follow each other on X to come together as a community - massively amplifying the project's global reach. To prove the significance of this, we'll provide a scenario.

Imagine that you have 30 holders within your community, NONE of which are following each other and ask yourself - in the eyes of the X algorithm, what do they all have in common besides the fact they're following me? The most likely answer is...almost nothing! We're in web3 and scattered around the world with a ton of different interests, so we are seen as scattered accounts, not a community.

However, if you can get all 30 of these holders to follow each other and create a hairball of accounts connected to each other, you can show the community of users as similar interests. The significance of this is that if even a single holder retweets a post by your project, it'll be skyrocketed to the top of everyone else's feed.

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