🪙Rewards System


DashONE offers a versatile rewards system, enabling you to reward users with various tokens, coins (revenue sharing), or points. Points are the most popular choice due to their immense flexibility within the system. These points are not blockchain-based and can be assigned at your discretion.

Unified Points System

The points system in DashONE is unified across platforms. Whether for Twitter or Discord activities, the same points are accumulated on your leaderboard, creating a comprehensive rewards experience. This contrasts with token or coin rewards, which currently can't be distributed through the Mojito Discord Bot. However, token rewards for Discord are planned for release in Q4, 2023.

Note: Within your admin dashboard, you have the freedom to rename points to fit your brand's theme, with "XP" set as the default name.

Earning Points

Automated Point Allocation: Our system fully automates point allocation, eliminating the need to manually check completion of requirements. Points can be earned through engagement on Discord and other platforms, including:

  • Displaying your collection as their profile picture.

  • Following fellow community members.

  • Active participation in Discord (messages, invites, voice chat duration, reactions, specific phrases).

  • Utilizing a Discord profile picture or banner that aligns with your project.

  • Incorporating a specific phrase in their Discord username.

Spending Points

Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards chosen by you. Popular choices include NFTs, merchandise, whitelist spots, beta access passes, tokens, and more. You have the flexibility to set the price for each item, potentially creating an additional revenue stream.

Point to Token Conversions

Enhanced Utility

We can implement a feature allowing users to convert points to your project's token at a predetermined ratio. This conversion process is facilitated through a user-friendly interface resembling Uniswap, where users link their wallet and Discord account to their profile with read-only permissions. The design of this feature, including color schemes and backgrounds, can be tailored to match your project's aesthetic.

Implementation Timeframe

Note: The setup for the point-to-token conversion feature typically takes 1-2 weeks, subject to variation based on the specific blockchain involved.

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