🏠Auctions & Raffles

Raffles and auctions are the perfect way to give these engagement points value! These are housed directly within your Discord server, letting your community compete and spend their points in different ways of your choosing.

Hint: Auction and Raffle House prizes can be in the form of merchandise, beta test spots, NFTs, roles, or anything else that you can think of!

Note: Unlike through DashOne, auction and raffle rewards directly through Mojito must be distributed manually to the winner.


With the built-in auction system, you can offer your community various prizes that they can bid on with the points they earn through their engagement. At the end of the auction, the winner's points will automatically be deducted from their balance and their victory will be announced to the server!

To participate, users may simply click the "Bid Up" button in chat, or may raise their bid above the minimum increment with the /auction bid command.

Auction Commands

Admin Commands:

/auction create (Name)(Start)(End)(Direct Image URL)(Roles Allowed)(Starting Price)(Minimum Increment Between Bid)

Example Auction Creation:

/auction create (Test)(1h)(5d)(https://images-platform.99static.com/RVZxGHfk-f3dupEk6mFpVQygaN4=/0x0:1500x1500/500x500/top/smart/99designs-contests-attachments/113/113522/attachment_113522386)(@Colonel)(100)(50)

Tip: When finding the image URL, right click on your image and select "Open Image in New Tab." Copy the link you are taken to.

If your image is stored on your computer, you can upload it to Imgur or a similar site and follow the step above.

/auction cancel (Auction ID)

User Commands:

/auction bid (Auction ID)(Bid Amount in Points)

/auction list

Note: The Auction ID is a required argument because it allows you to create an unlimited number of auctions and raffles running simultaneously. The potential is limitless!


Raffles are another feature to let users spend their points, where they can buy up to a specified amount of tickets at a price chosen by you! Similarly to auctions, when creating raffles you can specify a required role to participate to gate that raffle to only the most active community members.

To participate, users can simply click "Buy Ticket" or use /raffle ticket to buy tickets in bulk!

Note: Raffles are a great way to burn the community's points and reduce supply. Offer more valuable rewards than auctions here to maintain reasonable levels of points within the community, so that auctions aren't dominated by the same people.

Raffle Commands

/raffle create (Name)(Start)(End)(Direct Image URL)(Roles Allowed)(Max Entries)(Price Per Ticket)

/raffle cancel (Raffle ID)

User Commands:

/raffle ticket (Raffle ID)(Ticket Amount)

/raffle list

Auctions & Raffles Aggregator

The aggregator for auctions and raffles is an excellent way to attract more attention to your project! It combines each event from every server and shows them all on the same page, giving you the opportunity to attract more attention to your server with your auctions/raffles, even featuring a "Join" button next to each event.

Note: You can advertise your own auctions and raffles on the aggregator page easily through the dashboard! Simply enable it and add your Discord server's link!

Simply enable the advertisement option for both auctions and raffles, click the generate button to gather a permanent invite link to your server, and click save! Going forward, all of your raffles and auctions will be automatically advertised to the world.

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