The JVL API is still completing testing before release to the public.


The JVL API brings you unlimited power by letting you create layer 2 applications using your community's Twitter, Discord, and blockchain loyalty data while using JVL Profiles and the JVL Core to simplify your development process. This is meant to focus on your community specifically to gather engagement. The possibilities range from giving in-game items to users for interacting with the project on Twitter, all the way to rewarding your DashOne's loyalty points for paying royalties when buying your NFTs.

What Can You Do?

  1. Aggregate User Data: Fetch X, Discord, Telegram, and on-chain data

  2. Dynamic Token Gating: gate access to exclusive features or events based on NFTs held, tokens held, etc.

  3. dApp or App Creation: create web3 apps with web2 ease using JVL Profiles & API.

Important: The JVL API is not yet released and its official docs aren't public. This documentation simply serves as a description of what it can do.



  • How long has a user flexed their X PFP for my project?

  • Is the user currently using my collection as their X PFP?

  • Has the user ever used the Follow2Earn page?

  • Is the user following the project's X account?

  • What date did the user join Twitter?

  • How many followers does the user have?

  • Is [KEYWORD] in the user's bio/username?



  • Is the user in our project’s discord server?

  • How long has the user been in the discord server?

  • Has the user sent a message in the last [INSERT TIME 1d 1w 1m]?

  • Is the user earning PFP/Banner rewards on discord?

  • How long has the user been earning PFP/Banner rewards on discord?

  • How many total invites, messages, reactions, quests does the user have?

  • Has the user completed a quest in the last [INSERT TIME 1d 1w 1m] ?

  • Has the user spent points in the last [INSERT TIME 1d 1w 1m] ?


  • How many of my collection's NFTs does the user hold?

  • What NFT #’s are they held by this user?

  • What other collections are held in the wallet?

  • What is the balance of USD in their wallet across all tokens? (SOL, USDC, MATIC, etc.)

Note: If there's other information you're looking to fetch or have questions, be sure to contact us!

Use Cases

Games & Challenges

  • Browser based games can be powered by JVL Profiles, and they can use XP-points or tokens by communicating with the JVL API the results of the game win/lose.

  • Add a breath of fresh air into Unity games or Unreal Engine 5 games and get data needed to personalize the in-game experience. Unlock in-game items or advance your status in the game with actions you take online like visiting your website, engaging on Twitter or setting an NFT as a PFP & countless other data points included in our composite API. The easy example is “Follow us on Twitter to unlock a special sword or skin in the game” but actual applications go far beyond this example.

dApps & Utility

  • NFT Lending for XP Points or token derivatives other than SOL / ETH / USDC

  • Custom time lock vaults, pools and farms for NFTs that pay out a variety of tokens or XP

  • Paying royalties gets you loyalty points or a badge on discord

  • Token gate users from any site or benefit

  • Charge for access & maintain access to layer 2 apps built on JVL API

  • Real life event ticketing with JVL Profile check-ins

  • NFT Launchpad or Token IDO module that runs on points and XP & token gates

Build With Us

Want to work with the JVL API? It's in its final testing stages, we are accepting testers. If you want to build out with us, reach out, and we'll get the pillars in place.

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