DashOne Integration

After you've onboarded and are ready to have your system implemented, you will be asked to fill out a short, 5-minute form with your preferred settings and data on your collection.

Note: Even when signing up, no private data is required from your end. If we wanted, we could even set the system up for you without your knowledge!

Token Distribution

If you are rewarding/spending tokens or coins, instead of points the process is slightly different.

At setup, we will create a jointly held wallet between our CTO and you, which you'll be given full access to. Next, you'll be asked to put a suitable amount of your token into the wallet, where airdrops will be collected from.

Testing Process

When your integration is completed, the JVL Team will begin testing your system to make sure that it works flawlessly. This process generally takes from 1 to 3 days, where testers on different platforms will use your system and every feature to ensure its full functionality and speed.

Afterward, you'll be given access to the system's admin dashboard so that you can choose your different settings. Once the settings are chosen, you can test it on your end for as long as necessary before releasing it to the community.

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