🎟️Raffle System

Development Priority: Very High


DashOne's Raffle System lets you offer your community the chance to win NFTs and other incentives based on the number of tickets that they purchase from the pot. You can make raffle tickets purchasable in your own points, any token, or coins (rev share).

Hint: Raffles are a great way to control overall point supply. Load it up with a bigger prize than auctions to burn as many points as possible!

Reward Distribution

At the end of the raffle, you can have the reward automatically distributed to the winner, or do it manually. Rewards can be in any form, though only NFT and token rewards support automatic distribution. If you choose to have the NFT or tokens sent automatically, you must place the NFT into a wallet that will be given to you and identify the item when creating the auction.

Tip: The automated reward distributions take place right away after the contest is won!


When creating a raffle, you can set:

  • Name of raffle/item

  • Item description

  • Start and end time/date

  • Price per ticket

  • Currency of ticket purchases (points or tokens)

  • Max number of tickets per user

  • Reward Type (NFTs, tokens, etc.)

  • Reward distribution method (manual or automatic)

  • Required # of NFTs to participate

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