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Raid2Earn is a game-changing module within DashONE, enabling projects to incentivize community engagement on Twitter. It simplifies rewarding users with points, tokens (like Solana, MATIC, ETH), or custom project tokens in exchange for specific actions on a designated tweet.

How It Works

  1. Create Raids: Projects can set up various engagement campaigns tailored to their goals. Whether it's boosting visibility or driving interaction, Raids can be customized to suit different aims.

  2. Engage and Earn: Community members participate by completing tasks such as liking, retweeting, commenting, or using specific hashtags as outlined by the Raid guidelines.

  3. Claim Rewards: Once users fulfill the engagement requirements, they submit their comment link, and rewards are automatically sent within an hour, encouraging swift participation.

Customization for Impact

Projects have the flexibility to set engagement criteria, allowing targeted interaction. This customization ensures campaigns align with specific objectives, maximizing impact.

Strengthen Community Bonds

Raid2Earn fosters a strong bond between projects and their supporters. It promotes active involvement while giving projects a tool to expand their reach in the decentralized ecosystem.

Seamless Integration

Raid2Earn seamlessly integrates into DashONE's infrastructure, ensuring a smooth experience for projects and participants. Its automated reward system simplifies engagement and rewards distribution.

Get Started

Use Raid2Earn in DashONE to empower your project's community engagement. Connect, amplify visibility, and reward participation effortlessly.


Raid2Earn redefines community engagement on social platforms. It bridges the gap between projects and supporters, fostering impactful interactions in decentralized spaces.

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