🥂X PFP Rewards

Development Priority: At Release

What Are PFP Rewards?

Imagine rewarding holders for using your NFT as their X profile picture automatically to increase your market awareness and get more eyes on the project! Users simply need to set their profile picture, confirm it through our website, and the rest of the process is automated.

Note: JuiceVendor has no control over holder assets! When connecting to the user's JVL Profile, we simply require read-only permissions to their wallets and Twitter.

Rewards for usage of your collection's PFP can be in the form of ANY token, coin (rev share), or experience points. See the rewards system details for more information.

Verifying the PFP

The system does automatic 15 minute scans to ensure that the user is still using your collection as their PFP, remains the holder of that asset, and that it isn't listed on any marketplace. If the user breaks any of these rules, the PFP is automatically "unstaked".

Provided all conditions are met, the user automatically is sent points or any token hourly!

Note: On many blockchain with small gas fees, rewards are automatically airdropped to holder wallet rather than accumulating in a pool.

How to "Stake" Your PFP


  1. Connect to your JVL Profile, making sure that both your wallet and Twitter account are connected (read-only permissions).

  2. After the system loads the NFTs in your wallet, select the one you'd like to use as your PFP.

  3. Click the "Download PFP" button, which will take you directly to the Twitter profile page.

  4. Set your PFP as the downloaded image.

  5. Return to DashOne, and click "Confirm PFP".

Important: You must use the PNG file downloaded through Champagne when setting your PFP.

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